Teotihuacan and Joseline

I was going to poeticize
about Teotihuacan
and then I saw a commercial
about love at first taste
so I got all teary
until I remembered that
I was trying
to figure out
what Teotihuacan was
all about
until another video from
Love & Hip Hop
caught my eye
and all these women
who weren’t Joseline
were talking about Joseline
which showed how really insignificant
they and she
had to think they were
my mind gradually returned to
and it would have been suddenly
had I not suffered from feelings
of insignificance myself of course
until history
another Japanese genius
trying to discover things
I think
most Americans don’t even turn back
the page to remember
called me…..
about the Aztecs
or the Mayans
or the Olmecs perhaps
wanting more value for their money
like bitcoins
except the currency
was pyramids
and the customer
was God(s)
and I don’t know
if I need to be
an archeologist or
an astronomist or
an anthropologist
to understand what Teotihuacan
was really for
I’m sure if I stare at the stars long enough
and rearrange those broken pieces
of bone and skull precisely enough
and think about the gradations of
language as it passes through
the mouths of people
just talking to each other long enough
to get a ham sandwich
just mouthing any combination of sounds
and/or words that might let another know
hey, I love you……
I would realize that
human ambition
is not more complex than
being acted upon by nature
and wanting
to do anything
or almost anything
to stay alive
and feel more significant
I don’t see the difference between
the man who put one rock
on top of the next
and called it a pyramid
everything is
a piece of something bigger
something greater
and no one
could ever get where they are
starting from scratch
if we can’t google it
we really, really, really
don’t know how to know it

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