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I is so tired
and I don’t know why
maybe it’s because
I’m always trying
to do the right
say the right thing
at the right time
in the right way
not too fast
and not too slow
I try to be perfect
and then I worry that
it was not
perfect enough
and I worry a lot
when I wake up
every morning
I think about what I did
or said
instead of
thinking about what
I’m going to do or say
should be different
if I can think differently
I don’t know what
this should be
I know it should not be
so I read
so I run to clear my head and clean my blood
so I listen
so I meditate
and ultimately
what I must learn to do

Honour Killing

There is obviously
no honour in killing
but we kill
and we say it’s because
we valued that life so much
that it shamed us
when it did that
or said that
or wore that
or ate that
or made that
or destroyed that
there is obviously
no love in killing
but in India or Pakistan
we kill
and we say it’s because
we loved that life so much
that it shamed us
when it left us
when it hurt us
when it told on us
we made it believe in
things that only we thought
were right
were good
were normal
but in reality
there is obviously
no sense in killing
when it takes so much
just to have a life
and only the forces of nature
can take us away without explanation
because there is God in it
seeking balance
what balance can we give
when we are unbalanced
and create our value
by showing others we can kill
only existing to kill
is not existing at all
only existing to kill
is dying
even a cow knows it
that’s why Indians
don’t kill them

A Bunch of Fingers

People love musicians
they create
right then and there
they seem to think
and create
in your face
it’s not a secret
call you
to listen
is to be a part of the process
he takes a sip of water
in between notes
in between the strings
she pulls apart at the right
at the right time
sometimes he plays without making noise
gliding his fingers
across the strings
to everyone except
his heart
or hers
art is just
a bunch of fingers
working together
when no one else will
or knows

Sitting with Mine

Sitting with my mother
I realize how much I love her
and when I don’t
it’s because I’m only
thinking of myself
not realizing that
she is my source
no matter how much
Mom gets
on my brain cells
driving me insane with
I can’t understand the reason for
how many times I’ve already answered
did she forget
Mom’s never forget
they’re reminding you
of what you said
testing you
your resilience
that’s what Mom’s are for
it sometimes feels
like your nemesis
but your Mom is
the only one who will put a mirror
in front of your face
every time you get in front of hers
and insist that you remember
who you are
where you are
where you are supposed to be
where you should never be
and how to get there
even when Mom doesn’t know
she knows when something is not right
there’s no point in fighting
just smile and remember
your sitting with

Did It Why?

Do it yourself
or why
why die
killing yourself
to make a dollar
out of no cents
common sense
should have told you
something beats nothing
so get out there
do it
by yourself
with yourself
of yourself
working for someone else
is working
for someone who did it
him or herself
and so well
that they can now have you
do it for them
there is nothing secure
about depending on someone else
because you are only needed
as long as you’re needed
and then
you’re not
needing yourself
wanting yourself
doing it yourself
is learning
is growing
falling down one million
trying to figure out what you can do
what Raven can do
do it well
do it over and over and over again
that’s doing it well
doing it so well
until it’s really done
until it’s really won
and you will be having fun
because you DIY
did it why
did it yourself