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The Lying and the Fool

The Lying and The Fool

The Lion and The Jewel
was the lying and the fool
the fool was a woman
who got lost in the woods
an abnormality understated
a woman who
wakes up early
in the morning
and stretches
shakes it all off
who wants more
and works for
never loses it
who expects more
and never
gets chosen
the right way
knows how to forage
cut trees down
doesn’t need to climb up high
and swing from pole to pole
not knowing where loyalties lie
not knowing where lions cry
not knowing where beauty dies
makes it
easy for you to get lost
or lose it
a good woman
thundering her own applause
who sharpens her claws
and smiles when challenges wax
and wanes insane
never gets lost
in the woods
in the hood
is never misunderstood
can explain
make it plain
reflects on disdain
and never accepts
it is
not obviously something she is
going to get
she tries…..
the east and the west
at best
cannot get her
the north and the south
closed mouth
cannot convince her
when rooted strong
in common sense
she goes hence
she never forgets
to learn
something new
every day
means she flies