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Parking Tickets

Once you have
bars on your windows
and a liquor store
on every other corner
you have more cars than space
and more space
than air
you have no place to go
that doesn’t cost
nowhere can you find water
for free
unless you like
in your water bill
underneath your barred door
that locks from the outside
and you have to
knock three times
for someone you never had
ask the name
until now
or maybe you still didn’t
because you just want to run upstairs
to run back downstairs
before you get
a parking ticket
and it’s good not to try to own
but when you don’t own anything
doesn’t that just make you a prisoner to nothing
while the criminals

DC Homeless

Homelessness: Jim Hubbard photo
Those people in DC are just like me
They’re hungry
They’re ready
To smile
Always able to talk to a stranger
Kind to a fault
Deserving better
Always feeling poorer
Never understanding
that life
what you do
after the world tries to
take you
in a spiral
of dysentery
filtering out that
bad stuff
was never good stuff
just a festering wound
that struck after
striking again and again
and never healed
DC people are like me
They’re hungry
They’re eating but
never satisfied
and that ain’t bad
in the end
the will to survive
is what makes you
stronger than anyone
there is no end
everything recycles itself and heals
the rain will come
the sun will shine
and when…