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Tales on Rail

I’m the type of person that wants everything all at once. I expect the smoothest career path, the most handsome husband, the largest bank account, immediate knowledge of everything I need to know if I could just pick out the right bunch of books, and a gold medal prize as I climb to the highest podium block in the Summer Olympics all within the span of a few years. I don’t think I hallucinate. I think anything is possible.

I’m a Japanese translator, an independent author, a runner for life, a foodie, a traveler, and I’m deeply intrigued by identity. My love of identity exploration began in high school when I traveled to Spain for 2 weeks. Thereafter, it continued in the international environment of Georgetown University, a junior year abroad at Keio University in Tokyo, two years in Cote d’Ivoire as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and two more years in Hokkaido, Japan teaching English. I have been to 5 continents around the world, but this all happened several years ago before the reality of an un-smooth career path set in.

Now, I’m on a new journey—to figure out which rules of life I need to keep and which ones I need to throw away. Traveling has always clarified this for me. It allows me to see what’s important by finding out what’s important to most people. As I always have, from the moment my Dad introduced me to poetry to the moment I published “Padre!,” I want to continue exploring what is important to different people.

The purpose of my project is to start my second book about my Dad—I didn’t truly realize how much of my Dad was in me until he passed away last year. He too was a lover of languages, a writer, a poet, a runner, a foodie, intrigued by identity, and a traveler although he would only really allow himself time to travel in his mind and through books. He had to work too hard. So, I want to write a book that will allow others to travel in their minds and through my book about my father—one that gives people motivation to live life more passionately.

Your contest Tales on Rail is a fresh way to continue my exploration of identity, why we are all here, and how my father was able to become the man that he was regardless of one impossible situation after the next. I look forward to this opportunity to see places in France that I have never seen before and to discover Switzerland for the first time. I’ll be sure to use the soulful French that I learned in Cote d’Ivoire along the way.