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May Day

May Day!
May Day!
since I was born
after 2000
will I get a job
in Russia
If I go to Taksim
will I be run over
run-over protesters
Is the Thrilla in Manila
really going to be the biggest
thriller I’ll never see
in my lifetime
how many hours
do I have to work
in a Taipei day
to make one hour
worth killing
myself for
May Day! May Day!
Ireland are you singing
are you dancing
the summer is here
are you growing
are you rising
in the east
It’s May Day
lift your spirits up
and make magic
time to claim
what your parents
have never claimed
time to reap
all the years they have sown
for nothing
if you have nothing
and you want something
then you must let go of that
constant nothing
and give everything
you have
got to be more
than your ancestors were
your existence
might be worthless
what are you doing
with your life
Mom says