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Digital Relationships Are More Romantic

What’s your digital footprint say about you? In DMagazine’s article by Phil Harvey, “Dealing with Identity Shift,” old though this article may be, the topic stays relevant as long as we continually share more and more about ourselves online for networking, social, purchasing, and other purposes. I’m more concerned however with the fact that we even share personal information online rather than the security of the act.

The birthdate thing kills me the most. Why do companies need to know my birthdate for me to be involved with them? This is hardly the way first dates are conducted. With technology growth comes inextricably the sense of urgency to do things better, faster, and this requires that we get naked before we even get a handshake. Why are we selling ourselves?

We just want to sit down. We just want to get it and go take our nap, go lay out in the sun, go sip on some ice cold drink while we watch our children frolic in the waves. We just want to run to do nothing. Maybe this is a leap in logic for you, but what are we rushing to? What is so urgent that we have to disrobe ourselves to unknown virtual entities for products yet received that may or may not be of quality? Why do we trust so much? Why is our desire to believe in a good thing so great that we will give our phone number to a button before a person we’ve just had a lovely conversation with out on the street? What does this say about us?