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Cote d’Ivoire Breathes

From Cote d’Ivoire
to Cote d’Azure
Ouattara, your 18 trillion
makes how many Euro
for them
if you have all the cacao
the word is restructure
not refinance
the word is own
not privatize
tell yourself to nationalize
run in the room
yell it and run out the back door
jump in your car
drive away really fast or really slow
and don’t forget
if you have all the bananas for sale
and you have
all the limestone
you can strike several deals
with the people
to build their own house or
1 million more
help them up
put them out
of their misery
and physically
forget your interests
and the interest
and the compounding
of compounds
without leases
without mortgages
without reverting to
your people
to breathe
and believe