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Pinpointed Pupil

Come here

and look at my

pinpointed pupil

unlearning you




as if

you weren’t even there

as if it were 

dark outside the lens

Or, as if you were


reading me

as if you didn’t know

those poppy seeds,

I sprinkled on your bagel

because your mother

and father

didn’t think 

you needed breakfast

and let you walk to the bagel store

half awake,

could not somehow give you a positive outlook

on life

instead of a positive 

drug test

could not somehow

make you

wake up

and get straight A’s

and become immune to poison

from bad people who mix your

Cocaine with your carfentanil

in hopes that you would

lie down 

like an elephant

and pour your entire bank account 

into their Facebook account

come here pupil

taste my morphine on your lips

smell my red brown, bleeding bulbs

I promise you 

they will become


that you can smell

and choke on

when your hay fever gives way

and your sore throat starts

to pray and itch and call for 

this cough medicine

with just enough codeine to get you 



your bedtime story

that would bore me

if I liked fentanyl 

with my tea

in my book-of-the-month


on my Facebook page

which is the only page

I can barely see now

where the flash of the camera

made my already pinpointed 



made this oxycodone

look like candy

and my naloxone scream

Bloody bulb!