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I’m remembering
a certain feeling of
soft music
with instruments
played by real musicians
there was no Black and White
all music that was good
was on the same station
I’m remembering brightly striped shirts
never matching with anything
but my mind
full of color and
ready to be absorbed by someone
and absorb something meaningful
I remember a sweet sun
that didn’t burn as much
warm skin
my olive tones
turned chocolate brown
I think of Santa Claus
only because it
was really my father
falling asleep
while wrapping my gifts
and I loved listening to
pass the dutchie to the left hand side
while opening gifts up
I thought it was pass the ketchup and
loved hotdogs like me
my father let me say words like
and bajamas
and only corrected me
if I was impolite
or factually incorrect
he had faith that
I would figure it out
and I guess
he’s right
but I’m still
figuring out
if he’s right