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Resilience to Fear

There is a look that certain people have

a resilience behind a fear

it’s like those people imagined

that it just had to be

this way or that

But, then it wasn’t

and the question became

when will it be that way

instead of

will it be that way

this created the resilience behind the fear

instead of the fear behind the resilience.

some people want to believe

in things they have never


or things they have seen






they assume

they will have

and do

those things


But, thinking is different than doing

and the people who have


or are


the people who do


or they discover

If you’re looking around



when will someone give, do, or discover for you

well then the question

in any event


when will your resilience

come out from behind your fear

to the front

of your imagination

you want to believe

but you don’t believe enough

to actually get down

on your knees

and scratch the dirt

up under your finger nails

so you’re sitting there

looking like

a paralyzed


in waiting

and everyone sees it

but no one understands

what you’re waiting


Iron Butterfly



comes in

your final

hours, days, months, years

of desperation

after you’ve already asked politely

then questioned confusedly

erupted in anger

fallen silent

and erupted again

began to hate everyone

for a day

and everything

for an hour

lies seemed like the

only flowers that bloomed

after meaningfully meaningless discussions

which you wonder

really existed

in your mind

is where it all began

you went left

instead of right

you forgot you had to fight

things seemed easy for a while

you lingered too long on a smile

and now

ironically eloquence

comes in

your flickering final

glimpses of sanity

you know you’re not going to win


you fly









I’m here

doesn’t mean

be mean

don’t say what you mean

lean into your dislike

of my fight

let me know what’s wrong

what’s right

I’m here

doesn’t mean

don’t say

how you feel

forget to be real

imagine you’re in a soap opera


you’ve seen on TV

you forgot you were free

you have choice

your voice

is a spiritual instrument

that provides nourishment

or disease

I’m here

doesn’t mean

look down on me

tell me my lipstick is missing

when I never bought it

or bought into it

I feel fine

sometimes I drink wine

sometimes I hang with this

or that one

I’m not ashamed to have fun

tell me my clothes are not right

tell me my shoes are too bright

when you put up a fight

that’s how I know I’m alright


Walk your tunnel

Walk your tunnel

tunnel vision

tripping you out


into a dream of happiness

you wish you were that

you wish you were there

you wish you could taste

you wonder why he didn’t

and she

didn’t do that

think that

know that

be that

try that

walk your tunnel

your tunnel


of being what you’re



but never stepping out

into the middle

of the street

expose yourself

to the reality

that you’ve been waiting for

which you shouldn’t have waited for

unknown is the world

unknown is your world

too, I believe that if you could

you wouldn’t

or would you

if you had to

if you were free to

it’s not something you wait for


is divined

and then

the end

too late




Arthur Ashe in My Mind

Arthur Ashe. I have to say that I don’t remember when he appeared to me but he appeared right on time, at a time when I must not have been fully aware of myself. His image and his energy on the screen made me wonder who he was. He was. He existed. He felt. He shared. I remember watching him and knowing that there was nothing in his mind that he would not share because it was genuinely felt. He knew who he was. Where he was. What he was doing. And why he was doing it. I cannot call it assured. It was more than that. Of an absolute being. Arthur Ashe is. Arthur Ashe lives. He is a force field. Something which cannot be overlooked or reinterpreted. Everyone knows what and where it is and what it is there for. That is something I miss. Having people to watch who express what and why they are here without having to explain it. You can see it in their art, their work. It is real.