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note to self

what can i do
to be great
should I alleviate
and save all the orphans
what would my title be
long live the queen
who sacrificed every moment
in her life
to do more
for someone other
then herself
could I walk the longest mile
with the most situations
and pains
and quarrels
and equations
to solve
only to reach the end
and discover
that was too easy for me
that would surely make me great
it might make me human
that my imagination
could never be enough for my possibilities
that my mind could not wrap itself around
everything that would ever
and could ever happen to me
that my heart could be broken
1,000 times
and still
I could love 10,000 times harder than
anyone who never had a broken heart
and always had the greatest love that
life could ever behold…
what can I do to be great
should I sever that part
of myself
to find what’s valuable in me
that part that limits me
or should I be grateful for fear
protecting me
from the limit
I guess the only way to know this
is to die many times
and live again
we go to our limit only at death
but still
we come back again
to do it even better
I say
go to your limit everyday
because surely
you will survive your limited imagination
enough times
to keep you alive
a few more times
than if you were not great
at all
being great is trying
the good things
that no one else would
I dare you
to be great
and not allow
the voices
to win