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Echinacea Knees


When you’re sick
the last place that you should go
the hospital
I like doctors
but I don’t like
the bacteria
think of a hospital
as your last
or breath
unless you were really meant to live
and somehow survive the ordeal
your first doctor
should be sleep
followed by exercise
and plenty of
your food should be surrounded
by air
not metal
your drinks should not be able
to clean your engine
your snacks
should burn
when lit
on fire
last night
I played doctor
and took some
extra echinacea
with my sleepy time
and jumped out of bed
this morning folded deep
into my yoga
had a serious morning jog
followed by much longer
and enjoyable
I had
oxygen in my lungs
and a spring in my
echinacea knees
all one needs is
common sense
eyes to read and observe
ears to listen
and a diary
take notes
be a scientist of your own
study it
remember it
how it feels
when it doesn’t
when it hurts
when it’s good
what you ate
when you ate
how much
are you willing to spend
at the hospital
for their itemized items
itemized specialists
itemized treatments
there is no such thing as service
in a hospital
it’s called insurance
and you pay for it
all of it
one way
or another
I much prefer
my way