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Ignoring time

Eliminates the compulsion

to stop yourself

that there could be

a limit

something that needs

to be monitored

or measured

before it gets too much

puts you out of touch

with yourself

nature of life is

to coexist

and exist

to understand

and demand


by any means required

or desired

you cannot be restrained

if one small ember

inside you wants

to win

Embers don’t burn

to die

they burn to


the sky



I missed the drop
That first drop
The last drop
before the storm
I kept expecting you would come
to my rescue
to save me
from myself
but then you came
and I was disappointed
because then
I would have to quit
Even though I wanted to
But I didn’t expect
it would happen
I would lose myself
in my backwards hope
Never really believing
it would come true
although I never gave up
but in little ways
I waited a little too long
did that a little too late
eased up when I should have
rushed you
rushed you
to quit
But that wasn’t it
It was the first drop
Showing you what failure
really looked like
And you missed it
Now you’re caught
in the rain