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Did It Why?

Do it yourself
or why
why die
killing yourself
to make a dollar
out of no cents
common sense
should have told you
something beats nothing
so get out there
do it
by yourself
with yourself
of yourself
working for someone else
is working
for someone who did it
him or herself
and so well
that they can now have you
do it for them
there is nothing secure
about depending on someone else
because you are only needed
as long as you’re needed
and then
you’re not
needing yourself
wanting yourself
doing it yourself
is learning
is growing
falling down one million
trying to figure out what you can do
what Raven can do
do it well
do it over and over and over again
that’s doing it well
doing it so well
until it’s really done
until it’s really won
and you will be having fun
because you DIY
did it why
did it yourself