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Like Everyone

I don’t want
to be
like everyone else
I want you to be here
when I think about you
you call
when I talk about you
you answer
when I smile
I know it makes you happy
I don’t want to be
by anyone else
just you
prove myself
to you
make you proud
to know that
all you ever did in your life
was not for naught
all the struggles you endured
was not for someone
else’s kicks
unless they kick rocks
I don’t want
to pretend
that it’s okay
I’ll get over it
I can smile
and really mean it?
if you’re not here
who will I come home to
barge in on
steal food from
listen to talk on end
about how much more they know
than I do
yes Dad
I’m talking about you
and even though
it was not so perfect
and was never meant to be
you will always make me happy
because you were here
for me
not just here for yourself
you cared about me
you listened to me
you laughed for me
whenever I needed it
you healed me
you made me feel complete
via validation
via ear
and there is nothing like it
to be validated by your father
or mother
or sister
or brother
no other will do
I am me because you are you
I miss you
I wish you were here