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Hollow Thyself

I’m protesting work
working for nothing
working for something
that belongs to somebody
should clean up this mess
I’m protesting work
that I don’t do
for myself
working for corps
who want me to work for them
really work
so they can make more cheese products
and I can give their money back to
and they knew
when they paid me
they were paying themselves
I see
when I go to the supermarket
where I work sometimes
when I want to eat
where I work sometimes
when I want to cheat myself
from a creative moment
times 1,000
I see
my pipes clogging up
my veins
my feet are heavy in the morning and
the night
brings me wishes
of nice sleep
good sleep
not involving
of stress
bad memories
turned nightmares
bad decisions
turned deadly
I’m working for myself
to give something back to myself
Hollow thyself
said your boss
be me
not yourself