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Some Kind of Poet

I wish I was some kind of poet
who didn’t know it
Then, I could pretend to be lost
and not try
or even think
about trying
I could just pretend I was
giving it all up to God
and hoping for the best
I know better.
Life is.
It exists.
It’s your breath.
A constant carving.
A constant making.
You can’t sit back
and watch
You have to be
Get into it
Surpass yourself
what joy is
It’s a process.
It’s a lesson.
It’s a teaching.
It’s a forgiveness
and embrace.
You remembering you
and then moving
with every thought
you have
Picking up and throwing away
or stashing
It’s madness
in trial and error
then you overcome
and it all
makes sense
Don’t hate me
because I wonder why I am
Hate you because you wonder
why I am


Competition is a sideways thought
a glance
while you’re imagining the life
in your left palm
as it should be
in your right
the overcast spirit of forever
begins to shift as you imagine
finger by finger
elbow on table to stand up
or sit down
and dive into
whatever it is
you think is
the fear is the self asking you
how dare you
at every turn
but the action is before every question
and you can’t deny
as soon as they germ
they’ve germed from an inkling
of possibility
of the thinking of the sense of a thing
that if you just thought a little longer
you might actually figure it out
how not to do it?
I’m sorry
How you could dare