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If I wanted to court you
I might
show you
my cumbia
in New Jersey
or Mexico
or Guinea
or Nigeria
but if I show you
my Nigeria cumbia
you could never go back
to Lone Star
in Monterrey
no more baggy pants
or devil chants
would be
and then you would have to
see me
desiring you
wanting you
dancing toward you
making you feel love
like you’ve never felt
giving it to you
with every wave
of my hip
my arm
my hand
my dip
I wouldn’t let you
touch me
just watch
and feel
what it feels like
to be entertained
in the practice
of spirit
can you hear it?

One Acre

If I wanted food more than drugs
I couldn’t get it
These oranges are too orange
These bananas stay green
A farmer could plant it
A student could study it
A peasant could dig it up
but I could not eat it
right here
all the way here
all the way over here
but I could
smoke it
use it for fuel
I could get all the way across town
says Barrancabermeja
says my thyroid
says my liver
says these tumors
that I feed every day
on my way to work in the most expensive means
the bluest Xintang jeans
killing my kids
to kill your kids
right there
all the way there
all the way over there
subsidize my potato chips
I think
it’s the healthiest thing
I can find
in the supermarket
red peppers make my neck itch
green apples dry my throat
the only way you could
change yourself
is if you left it
this it
this all over it
you didn’t give a tit
you refused to birth it
you stopped
all of mankind
for humankind
then pressed rewind
then maybe
you could find
down in the well
you could see there was no bottom
because the bottom
always circulates to the top
never ravaged
just the source
the beginning
and in the beginning
when there was no beginning
it was always
the end