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Crazy Lady’s Baby

crazy lady

She drags herself around with a confused mane of knotted clumps upon clumps of curls on her head with white hair in splotches. Her eyes are blood-shot red. Her clothes hang from her body on the last strings that hold them together. Her breasts sometimes swing into view from behind these meager clothes that manage to stay on her body. She slides her feet forward, a boulder on her back. Sometimes she stops and speaks to no one in particular, a distant look in her eyes.

Homeless – a virtual impossibility here. Where does she sleep at night? Who takes her in? Who talks to her? In her condition, no one I presume. Sometimes I see her with scraps of food. Do people give her things? She is very much a stranded individual yet somehow, through all her vivid haze, beyond all the piercing alienation, she finds herself pregnant.

Has she made love to the invisible person we always see her mumbling to and sometimes arguing with? Whoever has done this to her has taken advantage. It is safe to conclude that she has been raped and in spite of her condition, in spite of her mental state, in spite of not having food on a regular basis, in spite of being susceptible to sudden and seemingly unprovoked fits of anger, crazy lady is a full house.

She is ready and able to deliver and has not been to the hospital for any vaccinations or quarterly check-ups. What does she think to herself? Does she know that she is pregnant? Does she feel the kicks in her stomach? What has made her go crazy or is she crazy at all if she can carry to term? Has she thought of a name? Does she wonder if it is a boy or a girl? She is a much older woman. Fifty-years-old at least but she is still muscular so she knows work.

Crazy has a source. I don’t assume to know homeless people. Maybe he is always raping her. Maybe they. Yeh…maybe they made her crazy.