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Just Like That

I’m rocking
like I used to
right before
we had to run
to catch it
on the last ring
to snatch the phone
off the jack
then call him jack
listen to the radio
not know that this station was
or this station was
watch Superman specials
every Sunday night
not remember that
the next day was Monday
Worry on Tuesday night
listen to Aretha croon
Thursday morning
a tune that stopped the clock
make cookies and share them
with your neighbors down the block
sleep so long and deep
you never remembered how you felt
when you woke up
sneak downstairs to catch
Santa Claus
going up the chimney late at night
run outside into the sunshine
with all your fears
sunken into with every pedal
every jump over a wall
into a pond
go rolling down a hill
so far away
not knowing the day
would come
and go
just like that
not knowing the day
would grow old
just like that
did you catch it?