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Sweet, buttery sounds penetrated her ears as she stretched and pulled in preparation for her morning journey. Miles was her man this morning. He tickled and teased her with notes as colorful as the sunbeams transformed into rainbows as they burst through her wall of windows. Her legs were stradled on the carpet which soaked up the rainbow beams. She allowed her hands to slide down her leg from her thigh to her ankle; loosening the sinews in her quadriceps and arching her back to create the love embrace that her leg received from her breasts. She repeated this same embrace as she switched to her left leg. Then, she streamlined down the middle with her hands facing each other and both legs now making 30 degree angles with the rest of her body.

When she stepped out and into the morning dew that bathed her bare feet, she was met by a warm breeze that coated her hairless scalp with its thickness. She learned to live without it after having to pick up clumps of hair that clogged the drain in the bottom of the bathtub after every shower and after mornings of finding hair on the other side of her pillow.

She disguised her fears by proclaiming, “Maybe I should have my own talk show. I look better than Montel Williams.”

This morning she planned to run away – at least for the next hour. An hour of thousands of kisses between her feet and the pavement would be her escape. Once she travelled down Strawberry Street she took a smooth left and eased onto Mulberry Avenue. From there, her feet did the thinking and she let her strong limbs steal her away down the road strewn with October’s leaves that covered every color that exists on every face in the human race.

The trouble began on her nose then, spread out on her forehead and slid from her temples down her cheeks to end up dangling from her chin. She tasted the warm, sour salt on her lips and what escaped into her eyes, stinged. But although she was oozing of sweat, it was a good salty taste and the sting that made her eyelids flutter to protect her eyes from the sea potient was a good type of sting.

The oceans of sweat that bathed her in between her legs, that slid down the middle of her back, and that clung underneath her breasts mollified her.

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