Spell Progress

That sole
of your shoe
That Refrigerator
with your food
And when you used to sharpen
your pencil
that pencil sharpener
let you
get the
so that you could
sit down and write a
letter with
that fountain pen
go to
that mailbox too
It might have been
so you picked up that
and some
years later
you turned on
that lovely long-lasting
and I love
that elevator
so I can go
and cross the street
by the grace of
that traffic light
those gas masks
would have been good
in Ferguson
that blood bank too
your cataracts gone with that beam
of light
those things
those people
that intelligence
that fearlessness
Didn’t you know
that African-American
who did that
and the one that started that
and invented that
enabled that?
I am quality.
I am
always reinventing myself
I am new
I am now
I am good
I spell progress

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