Sitting with Mine

Sitting with my mother
I realize how much I love her
and when I don’t
it’s because I’m only
thinking of myself
not realizing that
she is my source
no matter how much
Mom gets
on my brain cells
driving me insane with
I can’t understand the reason for
how many times I’ve already answered
did she forget
Mom’s never forget
they’re reminding you
of what you said
testing you
your resilience
that’s what Mom’s are for
it sometimes feels
like your nemesis
but your Mom is
the only one who will put a mirror
in front of your face
every time you get in front of hers
and insist that you remember
who you are
where you are
where you are supposed to be
where you should never be
and how to get there
even when Mom doesn’t know
she knows when something is not right
there’s no point in fighting
just smile and remember
your sitting with

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