Protection is sacrifice
it’s waking up early
in the morning
when you’d rather dream
about that guy
you check out
on Instagram
every few days
it’s not obsession
just obsessed
at that moment
Protection is a drill
that thing you do
over and over and over again
because you never do it
and there is someone who
does it better than you
and they even have
their own reality show
or maybe they don’t do it better
but everyone believes it
so it doesn’t matter what you can do
Protection is love
loving yourself
when at almost every moment
you get a really paranoid
feeling that
your life
is so boring
and you could be doing something
but you’d rather
go eat a pepperoni pizza
Protection is means
having 3 jobs
one of which you don’t tell
because it has absolutely nothing
to do with any of your interests
you just want the cash
so you don’t waste most of your time
thinking about
not having any money
Protection is freedom
freedom to leave
whenever you want
even though you might not
but just having the thought
and letting your mind
wander about that reality
is enough…. maybe
Protection is laughter
that at the beginning
of the day
you don’t pressure yourself
to be the best
but you do pressure yourself
to get through it
Protection is real
because without it
when you fall down
and look around
and see that everyone is
very busy protecting themselves
you realize that all that they said
they cared about
really only involved themselves.

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