I’m thinking privacy
is my privates
like the things I cover
my body
my face
my toes
things unlike
the usual hoes
who sell me things
I can’t protect
I can’t project
how much
how many times
I have to call you
to ask you
for my money back
and forward we go
on the same old things
this is mine
and this is not yours
how many times I have to
ask you to stop
looking at my privates
and then you say privates
are things you pay for
things that work for you
I guess these things I bought were
never working for me
and now
I know it’s true
because you didn’t ask me
for permission to use my iphone
you just stole it
and called it to tell me
and called it to sell me
and called it to yell at me
saying “are you a terrorist?!”
and I said
…..this is not that government line
wrong number

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