Pregnant Pause


Rajo Devi Lohan
Annegret Raunigk
Janet Jackson
one Indian
one German
one American
all got together one day
and decided it was time
to choose
when they were ready
not when TV said
not when Mom said
not when science said
not when the man on the corner
who always says hi to you
man, a pretty girl like you?
not when you meet that lady
at a party with three kids
and she too wants to know
why don’t you have anyone
a girl like you
oh, you should have no problem
don’t you want to have a man
don’t you want to be married
don’t you want to have children
it changed my life
it was the greatest gift that God
ever gave
to me
the German, the Indian, the American
compelled me
just then
to say no
just because
what I want
is more important than what you want
and what you want is only for you
not never
not now
I don’t want to
is that okay
she said
so I
got annoyed
got frustrated
and I
told her
I have a skill
actually I have 3
and I wanted to be
an obstetrician
but I changed my mind
and went to university
not knowing that
language would be the key
to opening my eyes
and finding my destiny
I’m a writer
and writers’ need
they need
and need
they are not complacent
when a man asks for it
maybe they say ummmmmm….
I don’t know
not now
maybe they complain a lot
maybe they think too much
way much
about what they want
and they want
they want something different
they don’t change
except when it makes them better
a writer knows no compromise
it’s her voice
her time
her story
the way she wants it
to be told
by herself
not a man
in a car
going far
who invests his time and money in
not her
if she wanted to run for president
she would first have to marry the president
and then she might have a chance
after she has a kid or two
of telling people permanently
to shut the hell up
we don’t care what you think
we’re not ready
when we’re ready
We will make it
happen and
dear friend
who cares about things that
only you can relate to
or that you think is timely to believe
will just
have to wait

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