No Such Thing as Free Peas and Rice

I need to create


between me

and them

I need to stop taking

unsolicited advice

when the season is nice

when the flowers are fresh

I need to stop getting sliced

up with

my side of rice

my potatoes and greens

can we not be mean


while I sprinkle my Old Bay


all over my despair

do you not see me here?

I need to stop listening to

my life forecast

with my info

on blast

my life

on display

for anyone

you forgot

was along the way

at Smashburger

while I’m eating my fries

enduring my forced intermittent


for help

get me away from you

who wants to analyze

my every step

while taking no steps

with me

not showing a moment of gratitude

for me being alive

or even peace of mind

I need to stop taking advice

with my free peas and rice

no such thing as free peas and rice


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