Naki Sumo Baby

Cry, cry, for me
naki sumo baby
naki all day long
and night
without a doubt
the trees are blowing
the clouds are moving
the floor is creaking
the ground is trembling
within someone’s ear
something’s happening
naki baby
cry, cry baby
cry for me
little by little I see
the bees
coming back
circling over
my honey suckle
my rain drops
on petals
my life
incomplete without a scare
a thought that someone is after me
and someone cares
after me
there is someone
there is anyone
and when I’m gone
I’ll say
cry baby
cried for me
remembered me
dragged the bad spirits down and
brought the good spirits up
and when I’m gone
I’ll still be standing here
waiting for you
and all of you
to cry for me naki sumo baby
cry, cry for me

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