Naked or Burned

363 wings in 30 minutes
Molly said
Choje Akong is dead
Miley Cyrus naked again
Young wives in Afghanistan stand and burn
Monks the same
Dalai Lama laughs
Lhasang Tsering screams
my right
to sanity
is in that Nike Store
so monks storm it
like Detroit
‘too much enthusiasm
too much emotion’
Dalai Lama says
ethnic Chinese
become the majority
is still the majority everywhere
in the world
in Tibet
Genghis Khan would like
more than fights
pacifism is a gift
unknown to those who flaunt it
Miley is naked again
You can’t resist what you don’t know
Give it away to a stranger
who may
may not
You play polo
with the soldiers who pretend
to be monks
pacifism is an art
carved into
altruistic grains
of rice and men
Miley’s naked again
is not too far behind
we play games
with impermanence
shooting to kill
at will
Singing is a higher power than
Gods know
Gods blow
chances to forgive and forget
paid debt gets me from samsara
to nervy nirvana
So I run
18,000 feet to the Tibetan plateau
and When a dog chases me
I face it
the Moustache Brothers know no other way
but to laugh
is never a mistake
Afraid to die is dying twice he said,
hit on the head
Burma=Myanmar I guess
6 million Tibetans screaming ‘walk’
Jesus was a pacifist
Ani Pachen told me
whether you win
or lose
it’s not about the game
it’s about you
acting like her mother
Now she has two
broken legs
carry her into the water so she can
after that man
that woman
baboons the same
maybe if she sneaks out with a rifle
she will be mistaken for a guard
maybe if she sneaks out
she will be mistaken
for a pacifist
peace only
in the mind
so open it
Miley puts clothes on and becomes
a body with clothes
cremated on stage
a thinking on display
is not action
only naked people
get a sky burial
nothing to waste
neglecting ourselves
for the good of humankind
is a balance
no man
has ever mastered
that’s why
Miley is naked again
trying to excite me
‘i’m naked but you can’t have me’
is the definition
of freedom
and everyone else waits
for everyone else to stop
and think about it

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Naked or Burned

2 Responses

  1. This poem says for the contemporary world of the early 21st century what Nikki Giovanni’s poetry said of America in the late 20th. There is a self-possession in the voice narrating the poem which is unnerving. More power!

    Tade Ipadeola February 8, 2014 at 11:27 pm #
    • What is that you see it to be saying that is like what Giovanni said?

      That was my voice. It’s different from my other poems there on soundcloud. I think there is a sense of urgency in our ridiculousness and that’s what I wanted to convey. But, at the same time, leaving it open to interpretation.

      Raven Moore February 9, 2014 at 12:07 am #

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