IKEA makes me think
of gambling
I sit down to play
with a machine
without instructions
without real instructions
how it’s really, really supposed
to go
if I really wanted to do this
really well
who would I have to be
how many hours
would I have had
to take
to get as far as
mastering a thing
before me
a thing before me
is glass
and it will break
as any rules can be applied
nothing is unbreakable
the scariest thing
is the thought of so many pieces
sharp things
that you can kind of see
and you can kind of feel
but not really feel until
it’s all the way in
and it hurts
and you feel disgusted
you tricked me
you slid right in
you inserted yourself
and to pull myself out
from being on top of you
or you in me
I have to pull
from both sides
you see
everything that is together
wants to be together
unless they’re not
how can I really say that IKEA
is tricking me or not
because they made it
the way it’s supposed to be
and who am I to question
but just do what I’m told
and maybe I’ll win
and maybe I just won’t get it
and then of course
there is also the maybe
I might
make my own thing
and make other people
play me
being me
I mean
you can only win,
once you win or lose
it’s over

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