Fear is
what I have everyday
when I wake up
and look
out the window
to hear the morning chaos
I expect
it to be a continuation
of what happened yesterday
and don’t feel I can let go
of it
is my today
I don’t know how to be
create me
outside of what others
have done
or said to me
I don’t know how
to say things to myself
to remember myself
in every moment
enough to be so present
to laugh at what I like
and smile
when something makes me feel good
I’m always thinking
I might be wrong
someone might disagree
with how I see me
I see me
in my dreams
I’m stronger there
only there
can I imagine
something else
extraordinary could happen
to me
even though I don’t deserve it
work for it
your fear
out the window
after you open it
and don’t look and wonder
what will happen out there
wonder what will happen
in here

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