Aziz Ansari
it means
he is a cherished supporter
of anyone with a thirst
for something
that tastes
just a little bit better.
just a little bit better
is all you need
to feel new
just a little bit better is all
she needs to know
that even Rupert Murdoch
can get lucky
while she walks on
the gala carpet alone and free
but even
Jerry Hall knows that
twitter too
does not last
and then we revisit Trump
supposedly the bump
that throws all
the hump
that everyone can get over
but alas
every jack in the box
must have his day
and her day
will not always seem to be tomorrow
so while we wait
let’s remember
that anyone with thirst
will be cherished
and supported
as long as the air stays
moist with anticipation
of a meltdown
to the ground
no hope left untravelled
or forgotten

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