Death by Money

Lingchi sounds

like lynching

it sounds like the sound of

fire put up against


as the hairs curl back

and the skin becomes




then brown

a nasty bubble

white formations

on end

wondering if the healing process is really happening

because every transformation

after the Lingchi


feels like another cut

another bruise to heal the bruise.

Lynching sounds like Lingchi

Crowd around me

as you give me my out

Let the ghosts come and feed on my flesh

as I’m taken away

by the barbarity of your caring

which you call caring

because you cared

that something happened

so you intervened

only really to make it worse

only really to take out

all of your frustrations

on the final sign of disrespect

for you

you’ve had enough

so you throw paper at me

to hang me

because you know

I won’t be able to see you

cutting me

while I’m scurrying to pick up

and count the money

which is no longer money

because you’ll never give me

what I want

I have to take it


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