I could just be
or I could be dissatisfied
with everything presently occurring
or I could just be boring myself
I think I’ll choose the latter
because that is
more interesting
there is something wrong with me
there is something wrong with the world
that would be the usual propensity
to say
that everything around me is not enough
and I am enough for everything
and everyone
to complain about nothing and everything
except yourself
that is comedy
I am a small spot
on a bigger spot
that few even know about
in a region of the world
that speaks a language
most people don’t even know
or want to
I am a grain
of sand
on a beach
that many people visit on Sundays
at 2 o’clock for 30 minutes
if it’s nice outside
and they have nothing better to do
I am a big problem
obscuring real problems
with the problems that I think I have
no one really cares if you’re late
or on time
you’re a point of reference
when everything is deemed pointless
because a person thinks that they are not
the boring one
they are not a problem
it’s you
only you
you are the center
of their aggravation
until they find
another lily pad to hop to
ask yourself a question
and then another
and then another and
keep going until
you have more answers than questions
which cannot be
there are no answers without questions
but there are plenty of questions
without answers
sometimes faith is all you have
and then
believe you are amazing only if
you believe you are a part of something
more amazing than you
because you are an answer
to a question
you are a reason
for someone’s concern
and there are no answers or reasons
without questions
and concern

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