Before you get killed

Some people don’t know

The difference

Between allowing you

To go

And waiting

To see

If you’re going to stop

Before they get plowed into

By your confusion

You being

People who think their aggression

Is winning

Rather than

The other’s patience

That got mixed up with

Forced kindness

That they too

Could not explode

Burst through

Pretend that their carriage

Was the only horse in town

And everyone else

Equaled ants who if stepped on

Were inconsequential


Too bad

But too bad

For you

You don’t see them coming

You see them stopping

Thinking they’re fearing

Not knowing the existence

Of their patience

In the presence

Of your aggression

Not knowing that you’ve got just one

More chance

And that one day

They won’t wait

to participate

They’ll just go

They’ll just collide

With their gear on

And you’ll be the ants

Who were

Out of

Pure luck

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