Bacon on My Bike

When I buy bacon
on my bicycle
I feel like
I’m flying through someone’s religion
such a sentiment is too heavy
for my breakfast
I just don’t want my eggs
to be lonely
without the accompaniment
of 3 finely smoked
pieces of pork
I just want to see it there
on my plate
next to my buttered, toasted raisin bread
excuse me if my mind goes oink, oink
while you are respecting Allah
I don’t mean to be disrespectful
I just think that
if Allah
didn’t want us to eat bacon
there would not be so much of it
and it wouldn’t taste
better than chicken
I believe that people have come
to be on this planet
because life is as tasty
as it is good
maybe I should consider
myself as a pig
slaughtered for the smell of me
I might then rethink
my bicycle rides
but then I would also have to
rethink beef
and chicken
and turkey
and fish
anything with eyes
could not go in my shopping bag
I also think that
if I had to really consider bacon
as a pig
and I had to kill the pig
for bacon
I’d much rather
eat two pieces of fruit
and call it
a religion.

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